The PowerGrinder grain mill motor is a 1/2 hp, 110 volt, 400 watt, heavy duty beast which will turn any home brewing grain mill with a powerful, consistent recommended speed.

Using Lovejoy shaft couplers, your mill will be connected with a direct drive shaft to shaft configuration for maximum torque, and reliable, safe, consistent performance.

You will need three parts to connect your grain mill to the Power Grinder grain mill motor. We recommend Lovejoy shaft couplers in the L075 series for this application.

1. A Lovejoy Coupler with a 22mm bore and a keyway for the Power Grinder grain mill motor. Click here for a link to a 22mm bore coupler

2. A Lovejoy coupler for your grain mill, you will need to choose a 1/2", 3/8", 3/4" or 10mm Shaft Coupler depending on the diameter of your grain mills shaft.

3. A "buna spider" fitting, which is a rubber type cushion which goes between the two couplers. Click here for the Buna N Spider Insert.

Watch the video below to demonstrate the use of Lovejoy couplings.

PowerGrinder Grain Mill Motor
Specifications & Wiring Diagram

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This video covers the basics of installing a Lovejoy flexible jaw coupling. Included are general safety requirements, a list of required equipment & materials, a visual step by step installation process overview, and final coupling alignment validation techniques.